A01: Precision structure of light nuclei

A01: Precision structure of light nuclei

Project A01 will provide precision data on electromagnetic observables of light nuclei to sensitively test ab-initio calculations with nuclear forces from chiral effective field theory. The key experiments are the measurement of the electric monopole transition form factor and width of the first excited state of 4He and the magnetic dipole strength of the first excited 0+ state of 6Li by electron and photon scattering at the S-DALINAC, as well as the charge radius of the proton-halo nucleus 8B, which will be determined for the time by laser spectroscopy at Argonne National Laboratory, USA.

Principal Investigators

Wilfried Nörtershäuser

Room S2|14 410
+49 6151 16 23575

Norbert Pietralla

Room S2|14 316
+49 6151 16 23540
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