A06: Strong interactions beyond the neutron dripline

A06: Strong interactions beyond the neutron dripline

Project A06 will measure properties of extremely neutron-rich light nuclei and, with theoretical developments in the CRC, address their understanding based on nuclear forces. We focus on the role of three-nucleon and in particular three-neutron interactions in unbound systems of extreme isospin up to pure few-neutron systems. The goal is to provide key constraints for the isospin-3/2 component of three-nucleon forces, which is not probed in standard three-body scattering. The resonance energies of the tetra-neutron and of 28O will be determined for the first time in a kinematically complete measurement using the SAMURAI setup at RIKEN in Japan.

Principal Investigators

Thomas Aumann

Room S2|14 414
+49 6151 16 23530

Dominic Rossi

Room S2|14 418
+49 6151 16 23532
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