A07: New electromagnetic properties of collective excitations

A07: New electromagnetic properties of collective excitations

Project A07 will establish a new experimental technique for nuclear structure spectroscopy in electron-gamma-ray coincidence measurements using novel large-volume LaBr-scintillators for the first time. New and largely unexplored electromagnetic properties of collective nuclear excitations, namely the vorticity of nuclear velocity fields in low-lying excited states and the gamma-decay pattern of the nuclear giant dipole resonance, will be studied in the key nuclei 92Zr and 112,124Sn, respectively. The new data of unprecedented precision will test phenomenological nuclear models in new ways and challenge ab initio nuclear structure calculations at their limits.

Principal Investigators

Norbert Pietralla

Room S2|14 316
+49 6151 16 23540

Jochen Wambach

Room S2|11 303
+49 6151 16 21563
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