MGK: Integrated Research Training Group

The CRC ensures top-quality research at an international level also through the training of the next generation of researchers. Given the great interest of junior researchers in nuclear physics in Darmstadt, the CRC focuses strongly on excellent doctoral researchers (with 31 positions requested for doctoral researchers versus 4 for postdoctoral researchers). Therefore, in addition to mentoring and promoting junior scientists within the CRC, an Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) will provide an enhanced, innovative and international environment for doctoral researchers. This includes a spectrum of supporting measures:
  • Structured qualification scheme with regular PhD committee meetings
  • Topical Lecture Weeks with outstanding international guest scientists
  • Annual CRC Physics Days with local and external junior scientists
  • Short-term recruitment stipends for incoming external (foreign) students
  • Annual travel prizes for students with outstanding publications
This is complemented by career-development measures, e.g., with courses for professional skills, in cooperation with the Center for Early-Stage Researchers “Ingenium” of the TU Darmstadt.

MGK scheme
Typical progress of a 36-month doctoral project starting in the summer semester. The research project (blue) represents its core. Within the first year the doctoral researcher will be offered topical lectures related to her/his project. Later the focus lies more on the project work.


    Felix Sommer

    Room S2|14 411
    +49 6151 16 20225

    Wael Elkamhawy

    Room S2|11 011
    +49 6151 16 21546

Principal Investigators

    Almudena Arcones

    Room S2|11 107
    +49 6151 16 21547

    Hans-Werner Hammer

    Room S2|11 106
    +49 6151 16 21560

    Wilfried Nörtershäuser

    Room S2|14 410
    +49 6151 16 23575
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