SFB Seminar WS 2016/17

SFB Seminar WS 2016/17

The SFB seminar gives the doctoral researchers the opportunity to present their own results. Every doctoral researcher will give a mid-term talk (after 18 months) on the status of her/his project work where she/he is urged to include an overview and comparison on similar or competing projects worldwide. Within 6 months before their thesis defence, the advanced doctoral researchers will give their end-term seminar on the scientific advance achieved by the doctoral project.

Schedule for WS 2016/17:

27.10.Christoph KremerShape coexistence and quantum phase transition in ZirconiumA01
10.11.Julia BlissNucleosynthesis in neutrino-driven windsB06
24.11.Richard TrippelCollective Excitations from Coupled-Cluster and In-Medium SRGA04
01.12.Diego SemmlerThe Low Energy Photon Tagger NEPTUN: Toward a Detailed Study of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance with Real PhotonsB04
08.12.Markus ZweidingerNuclear Structure Studies on Medium-Heavy Mass Nuclei using the Method of Nuclear Resonance FluorescenceB03
15.12.Jonas BraunElectric Properties of One-Neutron Halo Nuclei in Halo EFTA02
12.01.Carlos MattesLong-time simulation of core-collapse supernovaeB06
19.01.Maxim SingerQCLAM-SpectrometerB02
26.01.Andre SieverdingNeutrino nucleosynthesisB06
02.02.Bernhard MaaßResonance ionization spectroscopy of neutral boron as a first step towards the charge radius measurement of 8BA01
09.02.Christian DrischlerApplications of chiral nuclear forces up to N3LO to nuclear matter and neutron starsB05
16.02.Sergej BassauerSystematics of the Electric Dipole Response in stable tin isotopesB04

The seminar will take place on Thursdays at 12:30 in S211 seminar room 10. The talks should last 30-40 min and we plan 20 min discussion among doctoral researchers (PI and senior members can discuss with the speaker afterwards).

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