SFB Seminar

SFB Seminar

The SFB seminar gives the doctoral researchers the opportunity to present their own results. Every doctoral researcher will give a mid-term talk (after 18 months) on the status of her/his project work where she/he is urged to include an overview and comparison on similar or competing projects worldwide. Within 6 months before their thesis defence, the advanced doctoral researchers will give their end-term seminar on the scientific advance achieved by the doctoral project.

Schedule for WS 2018/19:

22.11Philipp RiesValence shell dependence of the Pygmy-Dipole ResonanceB03
06.12Marcel SchmidtReactions in halo effective field theoryA05
20.12Jonas BraunEffective field theories and electromagnetic properties of light nucleiA02
24.01Christopher LehrLow-energy dipole response of the halo nuclei 6,8 He A05
07.02Dag Fahlin StrömbergForbidden electron capture in degenerate ONe coresB01

The seminar will take place on Thursdays at 12:30 in S211 seminar room 10. The talks should last 30-40 min and we plan 20 min discussion among doctoral researchers (PI and senior members can discuss with the speaker afterwards).

Present seminar schedule


Martin Pospiech

Doctoral Researcher, B05
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