A03: Electromagnetic structure of medium-mass nuclei

A03: Electromagnetic structure of medium-mass nuclei

Project A03 will investigate electromagnetic observables of nuclei in the region between nickel and tin isotopes, where nuclear interactions based on chiral effective field theory are now applicable. We will perform gamma-ray spectroscopy at RIBF, RIKEN, Japan, to investigate the strength of the shell-closure in the vicinity of 78Ni, while the N=28 shell closure at 56Ni will be explored with laser spectroscopy at NSCL, USA. The latter will also provide information on the neutron-skin thickness of 54Ni. To further test theory into the region of open-shell nuclei, we will determine charge radii and nuclear moments using laser spectroscopy for Fe isotopes at NSCL and heavier Pd, Ru and Rh isotopes at ANL.

Principal Investigators

Wilfried Nörtershäuser

Room S2|14 410
+49 6151 16 23575

Alexandre Obertelli

(new projects)
Room S2|14 116
+49 6151 16 25851
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