A08: Shell evolution towards the neutron drip line

A08: Shell evolution towards the neutron drip line

In project A08, we will search for excited 0+ states in 28,30sup>Ne and 34,36Mg around the island of inversion, the region where shape coexistence occurs frequently. As future experiments, we also plan to investigate the key regions around 42Si, 54Ca, 78Ni, and 110Zr. A novel system consisting of a thick liquid hydrogen target and a silicon tracker allowing to perform the high-resolution in-beam gamma and missing-mass spectroscopy using (p,2p) reactions at RIBF, RIKEN, Japan will be developed. The prototype experiment to explore 4n and 6n states in 10He using the missing-mass technique will serve as an in-beam validation for the proposed setup.

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Hongna Liu

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Alexandre Obertelli

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