SFB Colloquia

  • Kei Kotake, Fukuoka University/Japan:
    Muli-messenger predictions from multi-D core-collapse supernova models (with refined neutrino reactions in progress)
    13.07.2017, 15:15, S2 11/10
  • Sharon McGrayne, SFB 1245 Women's Week:
    From Maria Goeppert Mayer to today, and what research suggests can be done
    28.06.2017, 11:00, S2 08/171
  • Paul-Gerhard Reinhard, Uni Erlangen:
    Nuclear density-functional theory - from photo-absorption strength to bulk
    18.05.2017, 15:30, S2 11/207
  • Thomas Luu, Universität Bonn:
    Applying Lattice QCD techniques to low-dimensional non-relativistic systems
    09.02.2017, 15:15, S2 11/10
  • Barbara Dietz, Lanzhou University/China:
    Chaos and Regularity in the Doubly Magic Nucleus 208Pb
    26.01.2017, 15:15, S2 11/10
  • Pierre Capel, Université libre de Bruxelles:
    Past, present and future of the eikonal description of reactions involving exotic nuclei
    24.11.2016, 15:20, S2 11/10
  • Xiaofei Yang, KU Leuven:
    Nuclear structure studies by the measurement of nuclear spins, moments and charge radii via laser spectroscopy techniques
    03.11.2016, 15:20, S2 11/10
  • Peter Müller, Argonne National Laboratory:
    Laser Probing of Simple Atoms, Exotic Nuclei
    14.07.2016, 14:00, S2 11/10
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